Set in the Aravalli Range of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is known for its pleasant weather, calm and laid back lifestyle and most of all for its warm, tourist-friendly locals. Year after year, visitors flock to Mount Abu to visit the Jain Temples. Apart from being one of the oldest pilgrims, this town has served as a famous getaway for those wanting to escape the heat and crowd of Rajasthan.

Originally, the town was part of the Chauhan Kingdom, till it was taken over by the British Empire. Maharaja Sirohi had to give it up, as the British Raj wanted it to be the headquarter of Rajasthan. Back then, Mount Abu was the favorite summer home to most Royal families of the region. Even during the British reign, it served as a haven to enjoy few days of bliss, away from the dusty weather of Rajasthan.

The town, however, is most popular for its legendary tale of Lord Vashisth. It is said that he habited and also performed his yagna (holy ceremony performed to protect Mother Earth from monsters and demons) in Mount Abu. It is believed that with this ceremony, four fierce Rajput clans were born.


Home to several Jain Temples – Dilwara, Vimal Vasahi, Lun Vasahi, Achaleshwar Mahadev, Kantinath, etc. Mount Abu is considered a highly pious destination by Jain visitors, as it is believed that Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar visited this blissful town. The town also has many ancient Hindu Temples; most famous of them all is the Adhar Devi, which was carved out of a rock-hard stone.

Another feather in the multi-faceted hat of Mount Abu is that it is the world headquarters Brahma Kumaris – a spiritual university, which promotes world peace and tranquility.

Now most of you may think that Mount Abu is just another religious place with nothing else to offer. But you might want to hold that thought. Plush palaces converted into contemporary hotels, shopping areas, multi-cuisine restaurants to suit every palate and a vibrant summer festival are just some of the things in store for you.

It is rare to find a vacation sport, which offers such rare fusion of rich heritage, pilgrims, entertainment, nightlife and spirituality. To experience this one of a kind holiday, make sure to plan your trip soon!