Peak Season and Climate in Ahmedabad

If you have heard lots of stories about Ahmedabad’s horrid summer, then chances are that most of them are true. In the months of April and May, the average temperature in this scorching city ranges between 44 to 47 degrees Celsius. Sounds too hot to be true? Well, it is! So by all means refrain from planning a trip to Ahmedabad in these months, even though the hotel prices and airfare are too tempting to pass.

The mercury levels during summer months will not allow you to enjoy most of the outdoor activities in Ahmedabad. In fact, it’s during this season that most of the locals also plan their holiday, as they find it impossible to beat the heat, and so they prefer to escape it.

Summer is followed by the monsoon season, which is a great time to hit this town. Lush green landscapes, lip-snacking delicacies and cooling showers can be expected from June to September. Tourists love flocking to Ahmedabad during the monsoon season, as the laidback vibe of this hospitable city becomes clearly visible with the pitter patter of the rain. Roadside stalls serving hot corn and spicy bhajiyas make a fortune in this season.

If you have an aversion to mucky roads and damp weather, then the best time for you to visit Ahmedabad is during winter. The minimum temperature is as low as five degrees Celsius, so it can get pretty chilly. And the highest temperature noted during these months is about 20 degrees Celsius. The winter season starts from October and continues all the way till February. The hotel rates are usually a little steep during these months, but the whole experience is worth every penny spent.

Diwali, which is often celebrated in either October or November, adds an inexplicable charm to the town of Ahmedabad. Visitors can expect great offers on Indian outfits and other gift items. Even the restaurants are filled families, smartly dressed in ethnic clothes catching up with relatives and loved ones. During this festival stressful work hours take a backseat and fun and enjoyment come to the fore. Just like the kite flying festival, Diwali too is a favorable time to visit Ahmedabad, to experience the flavor of traditional India and true Gujarati hospitality. FYI, be prepared to carry back some holiday weight while returning as there is no end to the number of sweets and delicacies you will be gorging on during any festival in Ahmedabad.