Peak Season and Climate in Mount Abu

The dense forests, beautiful landscapes and high peak make Mount Abu a holiday spot 24/7. So technically, there is never a bad time to visit this hill station, ideally perched in the middle of rustic Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is known for its tropical heat during the summer months. The maximum temperature in Mount Abu during the warmer months is around 34 degrees Celsius, whereas in the rest of Rajasthan the mercury level can rise up to 45 degrees Celsius. So it is evident that even the scorching month of May you will have a relatively pleasant stay in Mount Abu. It is during summer that most tourists from all over prefer to head to this vivacious town. The Mount Abu Summer Festival and a relatively cool climate (compared to the rest of Rajasthan) lure people to visit Abu during this season (even though all the prices are escalated during summer).

The winters here are rather severe. The highest temperature in winter can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature can be a freezing -8 degrees Celsius. But if you are a fan of freezing winters, the biting cold may not get to you.

Monsoon is considered to be a fantastic time to visit this cozy hill station. With the average rainfall being market somewhere between 70-180 centimeters, it is no doubt that tourists love staying in Mount Abu during the rainy season to enjoy nature in full swing. August and September are the rainiest months of the year in Mount Abu.

Most people who visit Mount Abu have either pilgrims or relaxation on their “to do” list. So the best time to visit this little haven is either during the summer months or during the rainy season. You must, however, keep in mind that these are the peak season months and hence advance booking – flights, hotels, etc. is almost mandatory in order to avoid discomfort and disappointment. The rates also tend to be steep during these two seasons.

If you are planning to travel on a shoe string budget, then the ideal time for you to visit Mount Abu would be during winter. During winter, the rooms are cheaper and the hotels, restaurants and tourist spots are also sparsely crowded. This will give you a chance to enjoy this lovely hill station in peace and at your own pace. But make sure to carry all the woolens to keep yourself snug and warm.

Good transport facilities, warm hospitality, diverse cuisines and several hotspots – there isn’t any room left for complains. So plan your next holiday to Mount Abu and enjoy a power-packed yet laidback vacation.